Formula 1 in 2012 - It's ON!

2011 is behind us. Finished. Done.

2012 is ahead of us, and with my never-look-back-unless-it-was-a-good-season-attitude, I look forward, confident that this will indeed be a Leap year for us. I should explain that by 'us' I mean the 2 teams that I support emphatically and enthusiastically during an F1 season.
Team 1: Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes. Team 2: Formerly Renault and now Lotus F1-Renault.
More commentary on these teams later.

2012 F1 Rules and regulations: I will start with the most visibly and disturbingly noticeable and that is the introduction of frontal height limits of 550mm. In a bid to improve safety on track this height imposition is designed to stop Mark Webber flying through the air when he crashes into the back of someone. It's a good thing but the result is ugly.

See what I mean?
Only the Beautiful Mclaren has made a plan. (I just hope that the beauty has not come at the cost of speed.)
They've also banned the blown exhausts which means less downforce and therefore grip. I don't believe this will be noticeable as it affects all F1 cars on the grid and levels the playing field.

Pirelli is coming to the 2012 season with all the learning and experience gathered in 2011. Of all racing factors in 2011, Pirelli's tyres made the season for me and this year it's going to be more of the same. They've increased the grip of the tyres and reduced the variation between the compounds so that there is less of a difference between the 2 tyre choices at a race weekend.

Whether you understood or liked DRS, the DRS activation zones and/or KERS last year, they stay for the 2012 season. Thankfully, they made good TV. There are some revisions of the DRS activation zones but I'm excited that these technologies continue into the 2012 season. There are a few other driver regulations but the most notable one is the revision to the defensive action a driver can take. Only ONE defensive manouvre/change of direction is allowed, and driver must leave a car width of space between the car and the edge of the track. Fernando & Lewis will need to practise and understand this one. They both put people on the grass in 2011 and disagree or not, Lewis does as many direction changes as is necessary so that Mark Webber doesn't overtake him.

Continuing on about Lewis - He had a bad season last year and for all the wrong reasons. There's never a right reason for a bad season but when a woman who hails from a group called 'The PussyCat Dolls' is involved, it's absolutely terrible. Jonathan Neale seems to think Lewis will have a much better season and I certainly hope so. I lost a lot of money last year Lewis. Come on ol Chap, get back to your winning ways and as my slogan says, 'Keep it on the Black Stuff'.

The season looks set to deliver what F1 always aspires to do, and that is to 'Raise the Bar.' Red Bull Racing; Ferrari; McMerc and Mercedes GP will no doubt be fighting at the front, and I have a feeling that the Iceman Kimi Räikkönen, will also be playing right up there with the best of em. The Williams Renault and Sauber-Ferrari teams seemed to be flying during pre-season testing and I do hope they'll have more honours this year.

- Kimi Räikkönen the ICEMAN is back.

My end of season predictions as follows:
P1 - Lewis Hamilton
P2 - Sebastien Vettel
P3 - Jenson Button
P4 - 'Fantastico' Fernando Alonso
P5 - Mark Webber

I always believe in my team to deliver the goods so I predict Lewis Hamilton to get back to his winning ways and to WIN the season. There has been some doubt over the car's performance but the driver's seem happy and I'll stick with that for now. I have no doubt that the ICEMAN will have some time with the champagne bottles but not enough for a title challenge.

- Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 is back, and as always, I am certain it will be a nailbiting season with plenty to argue about over a few beers.

Join the Etana fantasy league here:

- Welcome back F1

There are a few apps with which to follow the season with live updates; but these are sure worth a try and come from one of 'my' teams, the Lotus Renault F1 team.


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