Ferrari Show Day 2012

Ferrari Show Day Monaco Grand Prix Piazza Montecasino
The iconic Ferrari F40
When & Where: Montecasino, 27 May 2012

For many of my teen years, a special place on my bedroom wall was reserved for red, iconic cars named Ferrari. I remember the Ferrari F40 and later the F50 posters that were stuck with hardened and old prestik. I even remember the creases on certain parts of the image, where the buxom blonde was posing. Why there were creases, I do not know or remember.

Ferrari continues to make aspirational, iconic, mouth-watering cars. Living in the ‘Northern Suburbs’ of Jozi, we get to experience them belting down Cedar road on an early Saturday morning in all their beauty and aural glory.

Ferrari Show day Ferrari FF on show Monte casino
What do you make of the Ferrari FF?
Courtesy of SEFAC, the official Ferrari Owner’s Club and Montecasino, anyone who’s keen on motoring heaven can come spend the day in the presence of not one, but many Ferraris. The annual Ferrari Show Day is a natural fit for Monte, and this year there will be more than 70 Ferrari’s on show on the Montecasino Outdoor Piazza. YES, I will get to see my F40 there. I will also get to see the new and controversial all-wheel drive Ferrari FF and of course, the sublime 458 Italia that some argue is the most beautiful Ferrari ever made. You can come and decide.

We’re booking a table on the Piazza at MondoVino restaurant and we’ll get the food and drink flowing whilst we ogle all the Prancing horse machinery. The Monaco Formula 1 grand prix race will also be screened on the big screen; so really, there’s no excuse for petrolheads to miss it.

Ferrari Show Day 2012 Montecasino competition at Monte casino
You could WIN this!

Entry is free, but I do suggest you make a day of it and book a lunch table or something.

Courtesy of the Ferrari Store, they’re also giving away some incredible prizes like a Ferrari Jumbo watch valued at R6k and courtesy of SEFAC, some Kyalami track day experiences too. To enter, click here and hope for the best. It’s going to be a good day.

The Recipe for a perfect petrolhead weekend: Go to Zwartkops for the Wesbank Super Series leg on Saturday the 26th May. Then end it off with this.

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