Peugeot 5008 - Pride of Sevens

In a city, not so long ago, lived a not so pretty lion, fighting for position in a pride of seven’s which has been well established by others. As a late starter the lion had much to prove to make himself known, and he did, with greater power, better agility and control, as well as having an amazing view from the top…       Yes the story would be about a Peugeot! Not any Peugeot, but the 5008 2.0 HDI, SEVEN-seater. Recently joining the aMotion team I have been tasked with reviewing this family MPV, and when I say task I mean it, not because it’s a bad MPV but because driving a family MPV myself for about three years with the punch, power and go of a tortoise in mating season and the need to leave at least two truck gaps between cars when overtaking up or down a hill, you can see why I would have liked to start with something sporty. However, the diesel motor with 340nm of torque and 110kW@3750 is very surprising and when the turbo comes into action the car gets pulled along like a hatchback, coupled with an equally good gearbox it snaps smoothly into position. I do feel that across the range the automatic would have been a better option, but like I’ve said, driving a MPV of my own I wish it was an automatic because at least it gives you one less thing to concentrate on when you have screaming kids in the back. The handling on this MPV is stable through the corners thanks to the help of the dynamic roll control, which helps with overall ride comfort.  At this point the MPV seven-seater was starting to excite me. In the drivers seat you feel like a fighter pilot when the head up display comes up from the dash. I was waiting for the theme song from Star Wars to play, which is all good and well but I do think it would have been better on the glass of the windscreen. The Cielo roof adds to the roominess in the car with all the natural light coming in, which my daughter enjoyed while watching the stars at night on the way home. Not being the tallest man I did find it awkward to reach the controls on the climate control not because of my arms not having enough reach but because of the gear lever being in the way sometimes. I could however reach the very large refrigerated centre consol where I found a six-pack, rump steak and salad for a braai. To get the party started connectivity to my Smartphone via Bluetooth was rather simple and navigating through my play list a pleasure. I would have liked the controls to be on the steering wheel instead of fingertip controls, that would go for the cruise control as well, but Avon tells me that this is typical of this French brand. It doesn’t change my mind though.  The cabin overall looks classy, with quality materials, soft touch plastic and chrome accents that finish the interior perfectly. The three full size middle row seats slide and recline and the two rear seats can seat adults but they’re best suited for kids. Finally, the lion and I parted ways; with a sense of pride he knew he had left an imprint on me, his position firmly grounded in the knowledge that he is the leader in the Pride of Sevens. My samurai six (Honda FRV) was relieved, but would I trade it in?

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