Renault Offensive – Part 1: Mégane Renault Sport Trophy 265

Megane Renault Sport new car launch South Africa
Mégane Renault Sport Trophy 265 Limited Edition
Renault has lifted the covers off the latest incarnation of an already brilliant hot-hatch, and YES, it’s even faster than before. The 265hp car is a limited edition model only 30 of which will storm onto South Africa’s roads at a cost to you of R410, 000. So get your orders in now. I’ve given you the most important info up front.

There’s no doubt that the Mégane RS launched in 2010 is as damn near perfect a hot-hatch when it comes to raw performance. Renault Sport, a completely separate division of Renault, has managed to work closely with the F1 engineers in knowledge sharing so that the resultant road-car exceeds expectations and oozes competition driving heritage.

The current line-up in the Mégane Coupe RS range consists of the RS Sport; a more comfortable and balanced talent than the other model in the line-up, the RS Cup which has a stiffer set-up, a limited-slip differential and Recaro bucket seats for a more race and trackday oriented lifestyle. The range is a near perfect blend of comfort AND sportscar handling, so what does the Trophy have up it’s sleeve?

As you have noticed from the images, the Trophy 265 has some exterior detailing changes, mainly the 6-light LED daytime running lights, red racing decals that run on the front splitter, the doors and side sills. The new Trophy 265 also wears darkened alloys that are surrounded by a red strip and conceal parts of the red Brembo brake callipers. I am not a fan of the decal work especially on the sides of the vehicle, but I do like the black alloys and the fact that the detailing is more exclusive. With only 30 cars destined for South Africa, exclusivity is guaranteed at a price of R10,000 more than the RS Cup.

R410,000 gets you a sensational car in the Mégane Trophy 265. The engine is the talk of the town here and has been tuned to send 265hp from the turbo-charged 2.0 litre engine to the limited slip diff front wheels (when you engage the Sport button.) The result is unrivalled.

I didn’t get to drive the Mégane Renault Sport Trophy around a racetrack, but a few bursts of high speed runs down the Plettenberg Bay Airport runway convinced me that this car is exciting and has been designed to achieve maximum performance for enthusiastic motorists.

To put it into perspective, this car set the fastest hot-hatch time around the famous Nordschleife Nürburgring of 8mins08secs. This is faster than such cars as the Quattro Audi TT-RS and the Golf-R. Bringing it closer to home for you, the mighty Trophy competed at the Simola HillClimb this year and driven by the legend that is Deon Joubert, set a time of 49:50 seconds up the hill; faster than some unmentionable exotic cars and even faster than the BMW 1M.

This car is an astonishing story. The RS has won local Hot-Hatch of the year awards numerous times. It has embarrassed some big name cars when it comes to performance, and it has done so without much drama and boisterousness. The car is a sexy, authentic representation of motoring glory. It’s a comfortable, easy-to-drive, everyday car that at the push of the Sport button, can transform into supercar-hunting fury.

At this price, there really is NOTHING to match up to it.

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