Land Rover SDV6 SE - The Gentle Giant

I have deemed the Land Rover Discovery 4 the “Gentle Giant”. The reason for this is because this beautifully crafted large metal beast has the driving pleasure and poise of a luxury German sedan. Most people would say this car looks too boxy, but if anything that’s what makes it different. I love the shape of this car.

Almost everything is oversized which is brilliant! It’s difficult to tell the difference between the latest models from the previous. The bluff front end, signature LED lamps, and upper/lower split tailgate all give it a stylish and imposing presence.The 19-inch multi-spoke alloys are standard on this mammoth of a car, as well as rear view camera and PDC.

The Land Rover is like going to McDonald’s for a super-sized meal: you know you won’t finish it but you want it anyway. 

When I got behind the wheel the first thing that stood out for me was the huge windows and high driving position making visibility second to none. I felt invincible, like a super hero towering over everyone. The Hulk comes to mind, but with others being green with envy. At the push of the start button the 3.0 litre V6 turbocharged diesel motor roars to life. I only use this word‘roars’ for effect but if I am honest, there is hardly any engine cabin noise. I shifted thesix-speed auto box into sports drive and planted my foot. Wow! What a feeling as the giant moves off. 

Handling all this power and weighty body is surprisingly easy. The Discovery 4 is composed and responsive through the corners even at high speed. Having air suspension to cushion every bump. I don’t even think you would notice the difference between our freeways or dirt roads. 
The only issue I had was that I spent a lot of time trying to find parking space to park the Gentle Giant. When I did find parking it was easier to reverse in using the rear view camera. That’s when I realized why 4x4 drivers park on pavements: because they can.
The attention to detail that Land Rover have spent inside can’t go without mention. The soft electric leather seats,chunky controls and other high-class materials make you forget that you’re in a rugged off-roader. The luxurious Disco4 is packed with storage and goodies.There's no denying the fact that you pay for the premium Discovery 4 badge, with a price tag starting at R681 200.00 for the SDV6 S.

This gentle giant has plenty to offer and is still one of the best premium 4x4’s for me. I just wish I had more time to have taken it off road to get the giant into the place it was meant to play. All in good time I hope. 

Have you been anywhere interesting lately?


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