Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1,4TSI Highline – Chicks dig it

What is it about open-top motoring that is good? I haven’t driven many convertibles in my time and so the answer to this question is still a work in progress. I’ve spent some time in the previous generation BMW Z4 and from my experience in that I would conclude that the aural inspirations of the engine while the roof is open as well as the wind-in-the-hair experience are some good reasons. I imagine more of the same in a Ferrari California for example but what about a Golf Cabriolet 1,4 TSI?

Well it doesn’t have the most provocative of engine notes from the 1,4 TSI so presumably it’s the vital Vitamin D experience that sells this car.

Roof opens and closes in 10 seconds
I spent a week with a 1,4 TSI Highline DSG Golf Cabriolet. It was in the heart of a Johannesburg winter and man-damn it was very cold! It’s all very Golf inside the cabin and having spent a lot of time with various VW products, the same build quality and finish continued its good impression on me. Thankfully, those heated seats were very well used.

It was the first time I drove a car with the award-winning 1,4 TSI engine that makes use of direct-injection PLUS turbo-charging for various reasons including fuel efficiency and less emissions. It goes pretty well too but I somehow didn’t manage to do well in the fuel-saving department. My average of 8,8l/100km was worrying but that probably just my driving.

On the face of it, the Golf Cabriolet is definitely a good-looking car. It’s neatly packaged, elegant and chic and it still looks like the Golf from yesteryear, with a modern and sleek slant. The use of LED running lights on the headlights as well as smoked rear tail lights add a welcome finish to this car.

With the roof closed, I did find the noise intrusion quite annoying especially on a windy day, but other than that, the ride was compliant and I didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary in terms of ride quality and dynamics. The roof folds away in 10 seconds(by our timing) and this can be done whilst on the move at a maximum of 30km/h. Let me warn you that if you do this, people will look at you. I don’t know why, but they will.

Which brings me to reveal why this car is so NOT for me. Or any other guy for that matter. Don’t shoot the generalist, but this is a car for bff’s and girlfriends. It’s a car in which the said bff’s can don shades, let down the hair and floss down the street. This is the car in which to be seen. A lady colleague from the office who drives an Audi A3 Cabriolet said this about the Golf. “It’s for professional ladies, not for guys”. I also remember ex-girlfriends who said that all Golf Cabriolets were their favourite car. Vanity has no restrictions.

So, In terms of buying advice, the TSI ranges from R286,200 for the base Comfortline model to R341,700 for the Highline DSG model. It’s a beautiful piece of work and oozes whatever the lady version of swag is. It has a great engine in terms of emissions, fuel consumption and performance and at this stage, it’s still quite exclusive. So if you’re a ‘professional’ looking for something to accentuate you, then this is it.

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