BMW 640d - A Coupé to look up to

The BMW 6 series is not what you’d call boring, understated or lacking in presence. It’s an almost perfect coupé that blends elegance and sportiness into arguably the best looking Coupé on sale in South Africa. The 640d model featured here is an uber luxurious tourer that is painfully close to being a perfect car. It is so close to being faultless and that in itself may just be its biggest problem.

The design language of the 6 series Coupé was inspired by the characteristics of water and the translation is evident in the smooth and flowing roofline with frameless doors; the fall of the bonnet towards that signature kidney grille and the subtly flaired wheel arches that spread over 20 inch V-spoke wheels. Bespoke but undeniably BMW, the LED headlights with two three-dimensional light rings feature smart and safe technology like high beam assistance when approaching oncoming cars as well as Adaptive Headlights that adapt to steering inputs and ensure the road ahead is always well lit. The 6 series is so well shaped and aesthetically appealing that it is almost imperceptible. It turns heads more from its presence than from an overtly striking design. People glare at it uncontrollably but only when it’s directly in front of them. I received so many looks of varying types that I could have written this article just on that.

Before we get to the big boast of the 640d, let’s hunker down and step into the driver’s seat where your senses are stroked by the lavish interior. There is a healthy dose of what money can buy including beautifully crafted leather sports seats imbued in Vermilion Red leather trim; a Bang & Olufsen sound system with 16 speakers each forged from aluminium and tuned to deliver the best balance of crisp 3D sound you’ve heard in a car before and the famous BMW iDrive controller from which all the vehicle information and connectivity is controlled. The large 10,2 inch HD display: Cooool!!!  

With the key fob still in your pocket, a firm push of the Start/Stop button and the magical Diesel engine roars to life. It’s a twin turbo 3,0l diesel motor that provides the muscle for the 640d. Whilst some may look twice at the variance from some of BMW’s naming conventions, this one is different. BMW TwinPower Turbo technology features two turbos of varying sizes that deliver the punch, one operating lower down the rev range and a larger one operating higher up in the rev range. The result when you plant your foot is a very small delay while the turbos start their work, and then an undramatic but very noticeable surge of power as you blast into the distance. For a diesel engine it’s something I’ve never experienced before. The sheer power of it is absurd but it’s not presented in a mess of smoke, noise and screeching tyres. It’s suave and composed like Usain Bolt when he steps over the finish line after his 200m world-record shattering sprint.

BMW 640d Coupe BMW Blog BMW review
Possibly one of the best diesel engines around
Via a button next to the shift selector you can also change the way you want the car to behave. 5 settings are on the menu from Eco Pro to Comfort, Comfort + to Sport and Sport +. From the former, these incrementally stiffen the steering, sharpen the throttle and change the gearshift patterns for a more and more performance oriented ride. In all except the Sport modes the BMW 640d Coupé is so comfortable on the open road and really does consume long stretches with envious alacrity. Switch the car to Sport + mode and the ride shapes up to be more purposeful and aggressive. It was in this mode and under some hard driving that I realised the full spectrum of this car’s excellence and it is here that I must reveal what excellence looks like in numbers.
The power in this BMW 640d Coupé is 230kW at 4,400rpm and a mesmerising maximum torque figure of 650Nm between 1,500 – 2,500rpm. That is more torque than the 650i V8 petrol motor. Top speed of 250km/h is hardly worth the mention and the acceleration reports a 0-100km/h time of 5,5 seconds by our measurement(BMW claims 5,3 seconds is possible). The car is not as razor sharp as an M3 and the response from the servo-assisted steering is not as direct as other more nimble BWM cars but let’s not forget that this is a GT car that tips the scales at more than 1,7tons – that’s heavy.
At speed you’ll also hear the wail of the engine. It sounds throaty and sporty and in diesel terms that is an oxymoron. As you flick through the gears, you soon realise that you are possibly driving one of the best diesel engines around. I mean that! You can enjoy the sound of it climbing through the gears, you can feel the punch of power it delivers and you can still enjoy a distance between fill-ups as BMW claim possible fuel consumption figures of 5,4l/100km on the combined cycle. I managed 7,8l/100km on the combined cycle but admittedly I wasn’t doing an economy run and that is unquestionably efficient.

The car I drove would hurt the pocket to the tune of R1, 150,000 and to date BMW South Africa has sold more than 121 units of the new 6-series Coupé model. The 6 series also comes in convertible guise as well as the most recent 6 Series Gran Coupé 4-door model. So you’re spoilt for choice should you want the more compact Coupé; the more dramatic convertible or the long-legged Gran Coupé. Either way, you’re good.

The BMW 640d is a sophisticated car with its nose in the air and is certainly in a league of its own. It does everything a GT Coupé should do in impeccable fashion and there is not much to say against it. There are few on our roads and that too has some snob appeal. There is little space in the back even for very small people. But then again, with this kind of car, who cares? 

Some say that when buying cars, you get what you pay for. In this car, that statement is right on the money.


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