Renault Clio Yahoo!

What is this, a car sporting a well-known search engine badge?
Yahoo’s vision is to deliver your world, your way. Using technology, insights and intuition to create deeply personal digital experience to connect half a billion people! Wow, what a mouth full. How exciting, a manufacturer thinking about how it can connect the youth to the world and all of that in a cool hatch? It got me thinking, is it able to keep me connected to all my favorite social network sites, remind me to buy milk and show me the nearest store and notify me that my new album download is ready to be played?  What a world of possibilities.

Umm… well no! What it does come with is a parrot Bluetooth that works very well and a RCA aux input.

The Drive.

The low slung grille that contours to meet up with the outer lines of very well sculptured lights, helps complete the follow from the front to the back seamlessly. The rear end reminds me slightly of the Renault Megane 2, which had broad hips. The overall design of the car could have been more adventurous compared to its competitors like the i20, Ford Fiesta and Polo to name a few.

The manual gearbox is very smooth and coupled with a perky engine is a lot of fun to drive. There is not much of a selection when it comes to the Clio 5dr, it comes in a 1.6 manual with 83kW @ 6000 and 151Nm@4250, and a 1.6 auto.

Ride & Handling
Renault have made a comfortable car to ride, however the control could be better. The light steering makes it a pleasure around the shopping malls when getting into tight parking spots. The problem with that is at higher speeds it can be twitchy. This does not make you feel confident even though the Clio has loads of grip.

In the Drivers seat

Gizmos & Gadgets
It has all the creature comforts like cruise control, radio interface control and on board computer, but that’s not all… it also comes with speed limit and as mentioned Bluetooth and Aux and all of this for R 169 900.00. The i20, however which is closely priced, has all of the above mentioned. The most important for me is that it comes with neatly conceited mini jack and USB, to attach my iPod too, which I can control from the steering. That for me is Yahoo!, being connected to my music as you would expect in the 21st century, not with old school RCA.

Layout & Quality
The white vent surrounds give it a playful touch, which is complemented by the play design on the front seats. The rest of the interior has good quality materials and is kept simple.

On the Drive way

Final Thoughts
Renault has manufactured an amazing little town run about. The expectation the yahoo badge sets up inside leaves you a bit wanting, because you not as connected as you would like to be. I think for what is on offer out there in the small car segment the Clio should not be over looked however.


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