Suzuki Kizashi - Something great has come!

What comes to mind when you hear Kizashi? Is it a Japanese word for “Gesundheit”? A new sushi dish made up of the best ingredients money can buy?

I was at a sushi bar over the weekend, sitting watching all the tasty parcels pass me by under their plastic domes and I thought to myself, should I take this one or wait for a sign that something greater is coming. Feeling like a Samurai I waited patiently to pounce on my next victim, and, there in the distance, coming around the corner, A WASABI parcel. I take a sip of water as my taste buds can’t take the suspense. I grab it! and boom an explosion of flavours, textures, and a zing to the brain leaving my body wanting more, a complete sensory overload.

Yes, I sometimes love my food like I love my cars, raw and explosive. This got me thinking… why? Why would people not try something new rather than settling for the norm, a frankfurter or Chinese sweet and sour pork? Leaving the Sushi bar, taste buds satisfied, my Japanese experience was not over. I was excited to start up a superbly crafted Japanese piece of machinery, Suzuki’s family sedan the Kizashi (literally meaning “Something great is coming”).

Suzuki has made a head turner. I had more people looking and asking questions about this car than any others I have tested. It has a unique fresh look in its class, with 18” wheels, twin tailpipes and xenon headlights, jutting sills and flared wheel arches. This all adds to the stocky, sporty stance of this beautiful car. 

For a sporty looking family saloon I would have expected more in terms of power but don’t get me wrong, it’s not a slouch. On the open road it speeds up in a gentle fashion and maintains its speed really well with the cruise control active. Don’t however expect to gap it in the traffic. The engine seems to come into its own in the higher part of the rev range so when you do need to make a quick pass, you need to make sure you’ve changed down sufficiently.
With eye-catching looks and good brakes, I feel a smaller turbo-charged motor would have completed the package. Maybe a diesel alternative would have done it as well? Although there is only the 2.4 petrol Manual and CVT to choose from, this car is equipped with plenty. 

One afternoon while on a very quiet road, I took too much speed into a very enticing corner. I had to turn sharply to make the corner but with minimum body roll and not much understeer the Kizashi brought itself under control in split seconds when all the acronyms came into action. Overall the Kizashi is a comfortable solid drive with plenty of road responsiveness and little road noise.

It might seem trivial, but I can’t get over how comfortable the steering wheel is which made long distance traveling a pleasure. It was like having gloves made of soft lamb skin with little Japanese ladies massaging your hands. Okay, not really but close. The leather covered electrically adjusted front seats are just as comfortable and the dash is bordered by satin silver accents, soft-touch textures and logically placed controls.
 Being a Short-ass I did not find a problem with the driving position, however a friend who is close to 1.9m found it a bit cramped, so I put him in the back. He was much happier as the rear leg room has not been compromised and he didn't chirp as much. The boot-space is also uncompromised with easy access. The only problem is: I would have liked the boot-lid to be hydraulically supported. It kept on wanting to close on me when I opened it? That being the only small issue, for the price, quality and build of this vehicle it is a definitely a competitor in its class. Something great has come, and the signs are on the wall. Watch out! There is a new kid in the block.


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